11 Minuets, HD 16×9, Black and White, 2011.

Based upon a pictorial representation of a some what Dantean journey through a disintegrating landscape “Particle Progress” explores the unconscious direction of determinist forces toward the attainment of knowledge and potential transcendence. The journey is complicated by the myriad of contradicting theologies, sciences and philosophies that claim to enumerate existence. As a result there collision has formed a dense symbolic fog of almost confrontation knowledge that hangs over the landscape obscuring progress. Thought direction is given by the materialization of particles and the beckoning of receding roads both are indicative of the unattainable goal of reaching infinity. Ultimately this search for transcendence may only be the subconscious passage of an unknown protagonist yet the implications of the destructive power of such a search are equally applicable to the unceasing progression of human exploration and experimentation. Paradoxically it is “teleology” the hypothesise of the finality of nature that holds the greatest transcendental potential as theory invokes the actuality of disaster.Thus it may be that at the precise moment of our disintegration we are privileged to such enigmatic information.

The title “Particle Progress” itself reflects this collision of idioms as a marriage of particle physics and Pilgrim’s Progress, following my research into anthropic principles and Christian allegory.

An artist publication accompanies these photographs in which the photographs loosely illustrate an anthropic principle theorised by the artist.