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ORBIT ÆTERNA (FILM) considers the cultural significance of the contemporary iconography of terrorism from 9/11 to ISIS’s on going insurgency and the historic iconography of past atrocities, with the intention of revealing how visual culture shapes our perception of a future apocalypse and therefor out future.

The films visual reference to infrared drone footage (UAV) and archival imagery is intended to reveal how false colour drone footage  accentuates the dissociation of conflict imagery from reality by acting as de-humanising force which renders the landscape of the conflict zone and the bodies of those which we see killed alien or otherworldly and yet how paradoxically trauma is accentuated by poor quality imagery and its indexical archival quality.

Through the construction of an ambiguous protagonist situated in a desert landscape the narrative reveals the intentional use of iconography by terrorist to indoctrinate others in their ideological war and the retention of images of trauma in visual cultural.

You can see an Excerpt HERE!