SHIFT, 2014 , Film HD, aspect ratio: 2.35:1 ,18min-32sec, stereo sound, Installation: single channel HD projection.

Directed by: Lena Dobrowolska

Filmed by: Teo Ormond-Skeaping

Winter. Outskirts of the city, park, backyards. Nowa Huta is a model socialist city designed and built from scratch in 1950’s functioning to this day as a district of Krakow.A group of men are finishing there shift in what was formerly the largest metallurgical plant in Poland, previously named after Vladimir Lenin. At the same time, in the city center, everyday commuters, corporate employees and students return to the estate, revealing an intense process of gentrification occurring in the district.

Unified by a continuous panoramic movement of the camera space and people blend together. The structure of the film is based on the formal use of continuous panoramic camera movement and a change of the focal length in the passage from a tableau composition to the extreme close up. This shift results in the complete disintegration of the visual content.

“Lena’s recent work in Poland has attempted to reveal the effect of past ideologies and the legacy of structural violence that resonates from past atrocities in polish history, in landscape, architecture and social behaviour. Working in Nowa Huta she sort to reveal the presence of past socialism and the lasting effect it has on the current residence in her film Shift- Zmiana.”